Always available. Best performance.

Reliable and uncomplicated! Plus.line Internet Access is designed to guarantee the best possible performance for you. 

Our own national backbone, with 10 GBit/s bandwidth in Frankfurt and 2.5 Gbit/s throughout Germany, is connected to all important internet exchanges in Germany and Europe. Thus, direct connections exist to about 300 of the most important ISPs worldwide!

Additionally, with Level 3, NTT and Deutsche Telekom, Plus.line has 3 Tier 1 upstreams available. 

Leased line, ADSL or SDSL? Plus.line can always offer your company an affordable solution tailored to your needs. The price includes Cisco Routers, termination of the agreement at any time, and full access to our ticket system in the Network Operation Centre (NOC). 

IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack:

Our complete network speaks both protocols and our clients thus receive directly both IP versions. Currently, unfortunately not yet on DSL connections.