Everything a network must be able to do.

Plus.line’s "Corporate Networks" or "Virtual Private Networks" enable you to take full advantage of the benefits of working remotely – with all the scalability, security and reliability that you would expect from the technology leader in VPNs. 

VPNs are perfect for a wide range of applications that require secure, remote access. State-of-the-art MPLS-Layer3 Networks provide totally secure connections to branch offices and field service departments.

MPLS-Layer3 VPN is reliable, cost-effective and transparent, offering enhanced reliability and simplicity – all at reduced cost. Plus.line’s basic philosophy – “why make it complicated if it can be done simply?”

Communicate across MPLS-VPNs without using the Internet and, practically without risk over Plus.line’s network “backbone”. A variety of quality levels and classes of service (Internet data and voice, for example) – can be implemented quickly and seamlessly while you continue to use your existing, private IP addresses without disruption. “Mobile-VPN” and “Home-Office” are two excellent service offerings for your mobile users – completed with Cisco Routers and direct access to our highly skilled network engineers incorporated in the package.