High bandwidth, low costs: Our DSL.

Cost-efficient Internet connection via asymmetrical or symmetrical DSL connection.

The DSL technology from Plus.line provides your company with very high bandwidths at a very affordable price. Our focus here is not just on the price, but above all on the quality and reliability of your digital leased line. Our aim is to achieve the best possible quality for you from DSL technology. 

With Cisco Routers as part of the overall package, Plus.line engineers are able to rapidly analyse and localise any problems that occur, allowing targeted troubleshooting to be performed quickly and efficiently.  

You can choose between a Plus.line internet connection via an SDSL connection, including an optional ADSL backup configuration, and an ADSL connection including an ISDN backup configuration.

The Plus.line internet connection via SDSL features the premium service level, i.e.  24 x 7 disturbance reporting and processing. 

The features in detail:

  • No time or volume limit
  • Includes router
  • Included backup configuration (ADSL backup for SDSL connection and ISDN backup for an SDSL connection)
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Engineers on call 24/7
  • Permanent IP addresses (one IP address as standard, optionally further IP addresses without extra charge, documentation required)
  • No contract period

Internet connection via SDSL with Premium service level