Lean. Secure. Reliable: MPLS-Layer3 VPN.

MPLS Layer3 VPN: completely Internet-free, safe, closed customer IP network with its own IP address, uncomplicated, robust infrastructure. 

MPLS Layer3 is state-of-the-art technology for self-contained, private corporate networks – considerably lightening the load on your network and ensuring robustness and reliability while requiring no additional VPN configuration on your routers or other equipment.

Your own private IP addresses are used in the entire network. At the same time, the VPN’s centralized Internet access provides maximum transparency (with complete control) while guaranteeing a high level of security because your locations are not directly connected to the open Internet.

You can also use MPLS Layer3 to operate various technologies in a single network. For instance, you can integrate a subsidiary via DSL and connect the switchboard or your computer centre via a dedicated line. You have numerous flexible options at your disposal for the safe connection of off-site staff and people working from home. We guarantee the constant availability of your data and services with a failover solution via a backup line. 

MPLS-L3-VPN from Plus.line at a glance   

  • Provision and operation of a Cisco Router 
  • 24 x 7 monitoring 
  • Engineers on call 24/7 
  • Failover solution via backup line 
  • No contract period