We are only as good as our employees.

An enterprise can only provide exactly the performance of the employees who work there. Therefore, at Plus.line, we place great value in their selection. Qualitatively and in terms of character. 

This starts with the fact that we employ only people for whom IT is a personal interest and have therefore decided to obtain such a specialized education – often a university degree. They think analytically and can master technical interconnections in their minds. On the other hand, they are in a position to recognise and estimate the needs and specifications of our clients in order to propose suitable solutions. They are frank, share information and are communicative both in their teams as with clients, and they strive to achieve a common goal. 

This is exactly why the human factor also plays such a large part at Plus.line. Then although we are working in a technical field, we are doing this for people and with people. We place a great deal of trust in our employees and let them work independently in a flat hierarchy which of course requires a mature sense of responsibility on their part. Our clients also profit from all this – every day.

We ensure with further training that our employees are not only technically up to date but also with regard to the requirements of the ITIL and ISO norms. Our clients can therefore always rely on us doing everything with outstanding proficiency.