We are passionate about lots of things. One of them is our job.

At Plus.line, we do what we do with conviction and have fun in the process. Indeed, we did not discover the world of IT just because one can earn money with it but because we were always fascinated by it. 

Richard Gresek, the founder and current chairman, was already concerned with sophisticated and individual IT solutions while he was still at school. Also, many of our employees began their involvement with internet technologies and Open Source at an early time in their lives and their interest did not stop when the working day was over.

Therefore, we love challenges. In particular we are also pleased to tackle complex and exacting individual problems and find the suitable solutions. This is the point where we can say with self confidence: we can master that – and do this in the form of simple, clearly structured and high-grade solutions which function reliably.  Here, new technologies are first used for productive purposes after they have proved their value and stability.

We always choose the technology that fits the project and our solutions rely on Open Source and commercial products - focusing on Linux and Windows. Here, we engage in open and transparent working, and this is not an order from “upstairs”, this is our attitude. When several people are working together to produce an optimum product – which is important to them – then our clients also benefit from this. And of course, first and foremost we want satisfied clients.